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full moon fire ceremony
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Attending a full moon fire ceremony can be a truly magical experience. These ceremonies are often held in various cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. Here at King Murphy’s our fires are in the tradition of the Q’ero people from Peru. During a full moon fire ceremony, participants gather together to honor the energy and symbolism of the full moon and the things in their life they would like to leave behind or work towards. A fire is lit, symbolizing it’s transformative power. The fire serves as a focal point for meditation, reflection, and releasing negative energy or emotions.

Participants often bring offerings such as flowers, herbs, or written intentions to place into the fire. These offerings are meant to symbolize letting go of what no longer serves them and inviting positive change into their lives. The act of releasing these offerings into the fire is seen as a way to manifest their desires and intentions.


Throughout the ceremony, there may be chanting, singing, or guided meditations led by a facilitator or spiritual leader. The atmosphere is usually serene and peaceful, with the soft glow of the fire illuminating the surroundings. The full moon's energy is believed to amplify the intentions and prayers of the participants, making it a powerful time for personal growth and transformation.


Attending a full moon fire ceremony can be a deeply spiritual and introspective experience. It allows individuals to connect with nature, release negativity, and set positive intentions for the future. Please click the link below to reserve your spot today!

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