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After 23 years in the music industry as a fashion Stylist John Murphy, and his Real Estate agent  partner Dennis King sold their house on Music Row and bought an 1850’s plantation  farmhouse and 17 acres and changed the trajectory of their lives. Since buying the property in  2020 they’ve added the adjacent properties and renovated them both to be used for event and  retreat space. In addition to doing individual energy work sessions and hosting Meditation and  Sound Bath Retreats, they have started booking other events. From Commitment Ceremonies,  Weddings and Celebrations of Life, to Farm to Table Dinner Parties, or Bridal and Baby  Showers. King Murphy’s Retreat is looking to provide you with and intimate location for your  smaller gatherings. Whether 10 guests or 100, each individual will feel the love, empathy and  compassion that goes into every detail.

The Retreat also has a Medicine Wheel Garden Based on both the Native American and Peruvian Traditions, the Chakra Trail hike in our woods, a large cut flower garden, 33 bee hives  and our own crystal/mineral shop, King Murphy’s Stones, which also sells, honey, jellies, jams,  pickles and other seasonal faire. 

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