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The Art of Living Spiritually 



Friday, October, 27th
11:00 - Check-in/Light Walking Lunch
1:00 - Welcome Address (John Murphy)
2:00 - Crystal Practices for Daily Living (Colleen McCann)
4:00 - Exploring the Garden of Perspective (Kellie Outlaw)
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Shamanism and The Four Directions: Mapping Your Life Anew with Love (Stephen Feely)

9:00- Full Moon Fire Ceremony (Stephen Feely)

Saturday, October 28th
8:00 - Breath of Fire (John Murphy)
9:00 - Beauty Alchemy(Andi Scarbrough)
11:00 - Spiritual Commerce (Q&A W/ Anjanette Sinesio)
1:00 - Lunch

2:00 - The Art of Doulaship (Q&A w/Carrie McCann & Molly Gibson)
4:00 - Pendulum Divination and Pendulum Healing (Zoë Taylor-Crane)
6:00 - Dinner
8:00 - Sound Bath (Jennifer Kemp)

Sunday, October 29th- Samhain Spirit Fair 2023
11:00- Gates open
6:00- Gates Close



  • A reserved space in each practitioners presentation. 

  • A Full Moon Fire Ceremony on Friday, October 27th and a Sound Bath on  Saturday, October 28th. 

  • Lunch and Dinner on Friday, October 27th and Saturday, October 28th -Fruit, Nuts, Snacks throughout both days. 

  • Entrance to King Murphy’s Retreat’s 2023 Samhain Spirit Fair, on October 29th. -Parking at the Retreat 

  • 20% off from any purchase from King Murphy’s Stones

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