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Marsha Carnahan



Certified Theta Healing™

Practitioner Certified Reiki Master

Sacred Touch Practitioner

Jungian Dream Coach

Grief Painter™


Personal struggles including deaths, broken relationships, and multiple health issues brought me to this healing path. As I received and became certified in Spiritual Direction, Dream Training, Theta Healing™, Energy Work and the Grief Painter™ process, I found new life, light, and wholeness. This integrative approach to my own healing included mind, body, and spirit and was necessary for a breakthrough. This experience prepared me to partner with others going through similar life experiences, I am grateful for my support tribe, teachers, practitioners, family, and God. This healing journey has grown my faith, strengthened relationships with loved ones and given me physical, mental and spiritual health. I find joy in painting my dreams, playing the Native American flute, drumming, songwriting and spending time in Nature.

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