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Secrets of Southern France
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March 23rd, Saturday
Everyone will be arriving throughout the day and into Sunday. Our Driver Martin will be making
multiple trips to the Toulouse Airport to pick guests up. A fresh dinner will be served that
evening, officially welcoming everyone to France. We will invite some local Friends, Authors
and Historians, to give our guests a little background information about the region.

March 24th, Sunday
We will be taking a trip to the Esperaza town market, and then a stop by the Cathar Chateau in
Puivert. What better way to get over jet lag than with a brisk hike to the once Cathar occupied
Chateau de Montségur. This is the site of the 9 month siege of the Catholic Church to
exterminate the Cathar population in 1243.

March 25th, Monday
We will follow the Old Roman road, starting in Fitou where it is believed that Mary Magdalene
may have arrived after their escape from the Holy Land. We will follow the route across the
Corbières through the Gorge of Galamus; with a brief hike at l’Ermitage, to Bugarach, and its
church there, ending in Rennes-les-Bains. It’s possible Mary Magdalene stayed here, after
escaping the Holy Land, at a hamlet above the river where she did baptisms.

March 26th, Tuesday
Today we’ll return and spend the day in Rennes-les-Bains. We’ll visit The

Baptismal, where Mary Magdalene is said to have performed Baptisms,

the Source de Madeleine, the Seat of Isis and an abandoned Chateau built

on the land where it is rumored Mary Magdalene settled in France.

March 27th, Wednesday
We’ll take a trip to Lézignan market and visit the Museum at the home

of author Val Wineyard. Continue on to Narbonne and have lunch on the

beach and visit the Basilique Saint-Paul-Serge, Eglise Saint Sebastien and

Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur.

March 28th, Thursday
Exploration of the High Valley of the Aude. The Black Madonna at Limoux, St Salvayre and
Nostradamus’s childhood home in Alet-les-Bains. We’ll have lunch in Rennes-le-Château, and
explore the little village over looking the Aude Valley, home to many mysteries surrounding the
church there dedicated to Mary Magdalene and possible Templar treasure.

March 29th, Friday
Today we take a trip Vals Rupestre and tour the “Feminine” Church carved into rock there. Onto
Mirepoix with its arcades for lunch and a quick tour of the Cathédrale St Maurice. We’ll continue
on to Carcassonne. Exploration of the Cité to begin at Notre Dame de La Santé before the bridge,
with Val as guide. The chapel was originally a pre-Christian temple. If time permits we’ll visit
Église Saint-Vincent.

March 30th, Saturday

Leave the Languedoc in the morning and travel to Cassis. Stop in the Carmargue, Saintes-
Maries-del-la-Mer, the other location it is said that Mary and her followers landed when they

came to France after the crucifixion.
Arrive in Cassis, evening off.


March 31st, Sunday
Day off in Cassis- Pool, and Beach

April 1st, Monday
This will be our first time taking the tour in June, so we’re so excited to be there just before the
lavender harvest. We’ll take a tour of one of the Lavender and Olive Oil Farms in Aix de

April 2nd, Tuesday
Trip into Marseille and visit Notre Dame de la Garde, Abbaye Saint-Victor, Cathédrale La Major
and if time permits Église Saint-Laurent de Marseille, along with our favorite Metaphysical store

April 3rd, Wednesday
Optional Boat Tour of Mediterranean - or - Day at Pool or Beach

April 4th, Thursday
Free Day in Cassis- Market, Souveniers, Pool, Beach

April 5th, Friday
Visit Cathedral of Mary Magdalene in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume where the remains of
Mary Magdalene are said to be laid to rest. Hike to Mary Magdalene’s Grotto and The Cave of
Eggs, most recently spoken of in Meggan Watterson’s book, Mary Magdalene Revealed.

April 6th, Saturday
Journey back to our respective Homes.

Carcassonne (2022 Trip Photo)
March 23rd-30th
March 30th-April 6th
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